Professional code review for software team leads

Professional code review for software team leads

You struggle with continuous stability issues and bugs after a new release? You experience degradation of your codebase in a highly fluctuating team? Get an objective angle on your software to find error-prone pieces of code, "broken windows" and workarounds.

3 steps to meaningful & beneficial results

1. One-hour meeting

With you and/or your team representatives we discuss the vision, context, scope and purpose of your software project, as well as the key aspects you want to gain knowledge about, like degradation reasons, code quality, accessibility or missing guidelines.


2. Objective and focused review

We statically inspect the codebase from various angles and focus on your demanded key aspects. This also includes a check of the available setup mechanics to install the software.1)

3. One-hour meeting

We present our results and conclusions to you and/or your team representatives based on your input and demanded key aspects.

We recommend feasible measures for dedicated improvements or tackling surfaced issues — aligned with your team abilities and technical goals.

Our detailed results are categorised and rated on a scale of 1 to 10 to help you get started on the right topic and to give you deep insights at the same time.

Person reviewing code on a laptop

What else would you like to know about your team's software?

1) Performing further runtime inspections in a non-production environment to actually test the software from a behavioural, functional, performance or security perspective is not part of the review, but can be ordered subsequently. Otherwise have a look at our popular software testing workshops or our other services.