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We enable your team to build & manage first class IT infrastructure & software.

What we do

With a holistic view on your IT product we analyse the state of your team, quality of your software and stability of your infrastructure. We recommend measures to each finding and address them together with your team. Gaining efficiency, value and sustainability in all disciplines of your IT product is our driving force.

If you work with us, we engage with your team for at least 9 months to deliver steady progress on each step of enabling. It takes time to tackle multiple objectives with a team. It takes time to get everyone onboard.

Our empowerment has various faces: from team organisation to recruiting support, from infrastructure as code to cloud security, from software architecture to data flow modelling in-between systems.

We pair hands-on with your team to get every feature, process or service up and running, backed by the knowledge and agreement of your employees. This is how we level up your IT product and team long-term, paving the way for continuous success of your company.

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TRICERA energy

Together with a team of engineers and developers, we help building a software and infrastructure solution for industrial-sized battery storage systems which are optimized for coupling with all regenerative energy power plants.

What we don't do

  • We do not introduce, promote or sell "agile" frameworks like Scrum or SAFe®. We rather focus on the original agile principles and value-driven teamwork with minimum mental load.
  • We do not evangelize for any specific programming language. We help your team how to decide on the best tools for the task at hand.
  • We do not prefer or sell any specific cloud provider or hosting service. Whether cloud, hosting or on-premise, we guide your team to build the infrastructure your product actually needs.
  • We do not sell certificates with our trainings. We share our industry knowledge and experience to enable your team doing their best job.

Who we are

The founders of MPOWR IT

Portrait of Patrick Pächnatz
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Patrick Pächnatz

Patrick is an infrastructure solutions architect and security expert with a strong background in software development. He has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years and has built and secured many product environments in datacenters all over the world.

Our principles


We help you and your team to make strategically clear decisions in every stage of your IT product's lifecycle.

Digital world

We strive to bring IT solutions to where they are needed the most. That's why we are especially committed to projects in the fields of IoT, renewable energies and special engineering.


We believe in long-term, sustainable development of IT products and growing professional teams around them.


We live what we teach: We set a good example and share the entire spectrum of our combined experience - without a hidden agenda.


We work with your team, not against it. We support your team in all aspects of IT product development, so that they can accomplish your goals.


We do not sell standard solutions to individual problems. We guide your team to find a feasible approach and the right technology to make your product successful.

Ready to chat?

In a first introductory call we will discuss your current situation and your goals.

It's about you, not about us

We aim to bring more value, performance and sustainability to your IT product. Unlike other consulting companies we don't drop shiny slides and leave you behind with more questions than answers. As experienced architects and developers we have a strong mindset of solution-orientated pragmatism. We work hands-on with your team to tackle their challenges from concept to implementation and documentation, until there is a working and maintainable solution.

When building an IT product a well-organised and motivated team is the most important tool on your workbench. This is why we focus on reducing the cognitive complexity in your team's daily work by analysing, simplifying and automating processes and tools. This allows your team to direct its capabilities on value-adding work for your IT product and — ultimately — your company's success.

Your team needs reinforcement?

We can find, select or train the right people to staff your workforce.

Our most popular workshops

Workshops are great for team collaboration, gaining knowledge and producing actual results in a compact timeframe.

Software Testing — Starter Class
Software Testing — Progressive Class
Software Testing — Excellence Class

Software Testing — Starter Class