Professional code review for investors & acquirers of software

Professional code review for investors & acquirers of software

You are about to acquire a software or want to invest in a software product? Make sure you get what you have been promised. Get an independent look at the codebase to check if it meets your expectations.

3 steps to meaningful & beneficial results

1. One-hour meeting

With you and/or your team representatives we discuss the vision, context, scope and purpose of the software acquisition / investment, as well as the key aspects you want to gain knowledge about, like purpose fit, quality, maintainability, cost-benefit and professionalism.


2. Objective and focused review

We statically inspect the codebase from various angles and focus on your demanded key aspects. This also includes a check of the available setup mechanics to install the software.1)

3. One-hour meeting

We present our results and conclusions to you and/or your team representatives based on your input and demanded key aspects.

We recommend feasible measures for dedicated improvements or tackling surfaced issues — aligned with your vision and goals.

Our results are categorised and rated on a scale of 1 to 10 to help you to make a decision and get more insights at the same time.

Person reviewing code on a laptop

What else would you like to know about the software at stake?

1) Performing further runtime inspections in a non-production environment to actually test the software from a behavioural, functional, performance or security perspective is not part of the review, but can be ordered subsequently. Otherwise have a look at our popular software testing workshops or our other services.

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